Cylinder Testing

Cylinder Testing

Servicing currently needs to be pre booked. This can be done here

Below are all the details regarding our Cylinder Testing Service.

IDEST Test Centre 1Q has been established at our sister site, Gildenburgh Water since 1987. Hydrotesting and visual inspections, valve service, shotblasting, repainting are all completed usually within 7-14 days.
(Certificates will be supplied after successful servicing/testing)

Oxygen cleaning:
We are qualified to oxygen clean and service regulators, valves and cylinders
(check with us beforehand that the make/model of your valve is suitable)The following servicing/testing prices for the equipment listed is as indicated plus parts:-

All replacement parts will be charged for at manufacturer’s specified prices.

CYLINDERS Visual inspection


Hydrostatic inspection


Internal Shot Blast


O2 clean


Twinset O2 Cleaning


Valve service is compulsory


Ancillary fittings assembly charge

£20 per hour

Mail Order Servicing:
We can ship to anywhere in the UK usually within 24hrs at a cost of £10 per item