Air Refills

Air Refills at Dosthill Quarry!


Any air refill must be paid for in advance and are charged by cylinder size.
Proof of payment is obtained when the staff member gives you a waterproof band, colour-coded for the size of cylinder you have specified.


Once the waterproof band has been obtained, place it around the cylinder valve and take your cylinder to the air station.

Place your cylinder in the area designated for “Empty Cylinders”.

The compressor operator will check cylinder test dates, and reconcile the size of the cylinder with the colour of the waterproof band. If everything is in order, he will then fill the cylinder and remove the waterproof band.

The recharged cylinder is then placed in the area designated for “Full Cylinders” where you can collect it.

Diver Responsibilities

Before requesting a cylinder refill, please ensure that your cylinder is in test and is clearly and correctly marked with the designated breathing mixture.

All cylinders are left at the air station at the customer’s own risk. We recommend that owners wait for their cylinders whilst they are being filled.

Ideally remove all equipment from twin cylinders prior to leaving them for filling. But if you prefer to leave equipment attached, you must detach one first stage and carry the complete kit to the compressor operator and position it for filling. Stand outside the air station whilst waiting, but remain at air station and remove cylinders from filling point once they are filled.

The compressor operator will not handle any cylinders with equipment attached. No liability will be accepted by Dosthill Quarry for any loss of cylinders or damage to cylinders if they are left unattended.







Extra £1.50 for 300 bar