Entry & Air Fees

entry fees dosthill quarry

Dosthill Quarry


The diving fees below have been maintained for 4 years, but will be increased in 2019.

Before 5pm

£10 (members); £15 (casual divers)

After 5pm (on Thursday & Friday)

£7 (members); £12 (casual divers)

 Air Fills

Due to the huge cost of high pressure compressors, servicing, and filtration materials, the air fees below have been increased reluctantly increased after being frozen for 6 years. However, they are still very competitive, and represent excellent value.

Cylinder Size Normal Air
3 Litre £2.00
7 Litre £2.50
10 Litre £3.00
12 Litre £3.50
15 Litre £4.00
300 Bar Surcharge £1.00