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Dive Dozzi

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Whether you’re a casual diver or a Dozzi member you can find full details here!

Clubs and Schools

Reduce your Diving costs and become a registered Dive Club or School with Dosthill Quarry while it is free!


For any divers looking to use our site we do require a check-in to comply with health and safety regulations, the full details and requirements are listed.

Food Menu

To see the full range of food which we offer at great prices take a look here!

Opening Times

With varying opening times, you’re able to check out this page at your convenience to work out the best time to go diving.


To join Dive Dozzi as a member and receive benefits for diving with us, register today!

Site Map

See the full site map with listed attractions and what our lake has in store

Site Rules

See the rules that we do enforce at the site, note all of these are for YOUR safety