Photos & Videos

Photos and Videos

Because of the consistently good underwater visibility,
and lack of dreaded green algae
 that affects so many lakes,
Dozzi is a great location for underwater photos and videos.

We are always happy to publish them, so if you would like other divers to see
what you’ve “captured” underwater, go to “Publish My Photos“.

A number of the Dozzi divers and instructors are keen underwater photographers. Click on the photographer’s name to see their gallery.

Berny Marsden

Darren Ellis

Graham Thomson

Mick Redfern

Spencer Jones

Vyv Wilkins

Because YouTube is such a popular and convenient medium for publishing videos most of the Dozzi videographers publish their videos direct to YouTube and then send us the link which you’ll find on our “YouTube Videos” page. To do this go to “Publish My Videos“.