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Thanks for coming to the website to find out more about winter swimming, please read on to find out more about temperatures, tips and what potential risks you’ll need to know about.


During the summer the water will usually be above 17 degrees Celsius. Winter swimming is recommended when the water is between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius. The water will feel reasonably colder than it would during the summer but when you’re wearing your wet suit and over-suit you’ll get used to it in no time.


Swimming in cold temperatures can hold many risks. When you enter the water you body will start losing heat and this can make you feel uncomfortable. The effects of the cold can be moderated by wearing a wetsuit and oversuit but also by acclimatising your body. Acclimatising is a way of getting your body used to the cold temperatures and this is done by swimming in the cold water regularly i.e. at least once a week.

Tips for Cold Water Swimming

1. Getting in the water is the first step to acclimatising your body to the cold temperatures and it’s recommended that you get in as soon as you can. Once you’re in you should wait for between 1 and 2 minutes to allow your blood circulation to get going.

2. When you first get in the water you may feel breathless. This is normal as your chest contracts in the cold water. To overcome this, exhale as you jump in.

3. The most important thing to do is not stay still for too long. The best way to warm up will be to start swimming.

We’ll need some quick details from you to figure out what size over-suit we’ll need to provide for you (free of charge) and we’ll also need a few other details so that we can register your interest. Once we have enough people signed up we’ll let you know what times the swimming sessions will take place.

Remember: When you come to swim in the winter with us you’ll need a wet suit. You won’t normally be able to swim in just a normal bathing suit. The wet suit will provide extra warmth and is recommended when swimming in temperatures less than 14 degrees Celsius. However, if you feel the weather, and your exposure experience is such that you do not need a wetsuit, then you must swim towing a buoyancy float to support you in the event of experiencing cramp or other problem, until rescue assistance arrives.

Winter Swimming Registration

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Terms and conditions

  • The above information can be stored and used to contact me.
  • I will print off and show my confirmation email when I check in at the lake for swimming.
  • I will check in at the gate or reception on arrival.
  • I swim at my own risk. I will wear a swim suit (probably a wet suit) which provides protection from cold water and sufficient buoyancy to prevent me sinking.
  • I will regularly read, stay current with, and abide by the notices, regulations, recommendations and procedures as published from time to time at the lake and on this website, particularly those relating to emergency action.
  • In the event of an injured swimmer emergency, site staff may ask for swimmers to assist with the rescue. I will be willing to assist.

  • Liability Release and Express Assumption of Risk

    This liability release may be used as evidence in a court of law if you decide to sue any released party or person. Please read this document.

    I, the above-named swimmer, hereby agree that I have been fully advised and completely informed of the inherent risks and hazards associated with open water swimming.

    I, further, completely understand that open water swimming involves certain inherent risks and hazards to include: hypoxia, asphyxia, hypothermia and drowning. These maladies may result in permanent injury or even death. By signing this document I evidence that I am fully appraised of the risks and hazards associated with the type of activity that I am contemplating and I expressly assume these risks. I, further fully understand that my swimming activity may be conducted in point of time and distance in a remote location not readily accessible to first aid and rescue facilities. Nevertheless, I still choose to proceed with the activity despite the possible lack of medical facilities to assist me should I become injured.

    I also understand that cold water swimming involves risks and hazards that include: Cold shock, hypothermia, cramp, heart attack, asthma and cold water urticaria. These are serious risks, and anyone with a heart condition and asthma has good reason not to attempt winter swimming at all, and is advised to talk to their doctor before swimming.

    I fully understand and agree that the Dosthill Quarry centre through which I participate in the activity, nor the owner of Dosthill Quarry, Ian Forster, nor any of his respective employees, officers, agents or assigns, may be held liable or responsible in any fashion for any injury, death or damages to me or my family, heirs or assigns that may occur as a result of my participation in this open water swimming activity or as a result of active or passive negligence of any party including the released parties named in this document.

    In exchange for me being allowed to enrol and participate in this activity I hereby personally assume all risks in conjunction or connection with this activity or any harm or injury or damages that may befall me, my heirs or assigns while participating in this activity. I specifically assume all risks associated with my participation in this activity whether foreseen or unforeseen.

    In consideration for my participation in this activity I save and hold harmless and agree to indemnify the Dosthill Quarry centre at which I am participating in an open water swimming activity, and the owner of Dosthill Quarry, Ian Forster, of any claim or lawsuit brought by me, my family, my estate, my heirs or assigns arising out of or in connection or in conjunction with participation in this activity including both claims arising during or after the activity, and it is my express intention to release the parties cited from all liability and responsibility whatsoever for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death however caused.

    I also understand fully that open water swimming activities are physically strenuous, and that they require specialized training. I also understand that I will be physically exerting myself during this activity and that should I become injured as a result of a heart attack, failure to control my panic, failure to control my breathing or hyperventilation, I specifically assume the risk of any resulting injuries and in exchange for my participation in this activity I expressly agree that I will not hold the released individuals in this document responsible.

    By submitting this document online, and by signing it on my next visit to the lake, I evidence that I have fully read, contemplated, and understand the contents of this liability release and express assumption of risk, and release my right to sue. I agree to the terms and conditions of this document in exchange for my participation in this activity. I further state that I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this release or that I have acquired the specific written consent of my parent or guardian.

    I understand that this document constitutes a contract between myself and the released parties cited.

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