What’s Happening

What’s happening at Dozzi?

Quite a lot has been happening recently, and there’s more to come soon!

Check-In and Air

There’s a new checking in and air payment system to make the process a lot smoother. Click here for details.

Car Park

The car park has been cleaned, and is better organised so we can fit more vehicles in without any spillover onto Church Road.


The catering van is impeccably clean, and the menu has had a makeover with prices lower, quality improved and more choice!! 

Changing Rooms

There is a 40ft container on site which has now been fitted for male and female changing rooms. They have been well used in recent weeks with the intermittent rain.

Tidy Site

Site vegetation and hedges have all been trimmed back to gain more space, and masses of litter have been collected.

Breathing Air Facilities

We have got 2 new compressors which are much quieter and more reliable, so we have been able to cut down on waiting time for air fills. The filling butt has been thoroughly cleaned and by filling in water divers are getting maximal fills. We have installed an additional filter just before the charging hoses to double filter the air from the compressors and banks, so we are now delivering air to a much higher quality than is required by the British Standard.

Enriched Air and Oxygen

An oxygen cage and mixed gas panel has been installed in addition to the existing air panel, so we will be producing enriched air (nitrox) from 22% to 100%, as well as super clean air for divers who have oxygen clean cylinders and equipment.

Site Security

The security fencing has been reinforced, with razor wire installed top and bottom and anti-vandal paint applied, with the result that we have not had a break in at the site since.

Improved Visibility

We have already started to address the problem of the “river of rain” that comes through the gates during bad weather. Part of this is being re-diverted and filtered through the ground with no impact on visibility. Land drains are currently being planned and should be installed well before the winter.

Permanent Sanitary Facilities

Severn Trent Water authority recently approved a scheme to install an underground pump station on site with the compacity of discharging sewage and used water directly into their main sewer on Church Road. Although we now need to move forward to formal planning permission, this major step forward opens the way to having full sanitary facilities on site including permanent WC’s, basins, showers, urinals (for the guys) and vanity units (for the girls).  In the meantime the 2 portable toilets are checked hourly and cleaned at least twice a day.

New Gates … and lots of Painting

The ricketty tubular gate from Church Road into the car park has been replaced by twin steel gates, and much of the site has been painted an eco-friendly green.

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